How to Find the Best Household Hardware Team?

house being renovated
  1. Go where the trades Go

This team also comes under the many famous household hardware suppliers in Sydney such as the Kennards Hire. But there are many specialities for the team which makes them so different from the competitors. Some of those differences are noted here in this article. The brief descriptions about the services given by the team are also given.

Let us first see the different services given by the team to the entire category of customers. It includes:

Thus from this it clear that the complete services given by the team helped the customers to not rush from one shop to the other searching for the various services which is not available with each of them. Once a person who is in need of some household hardware is into the team they can find the comprehensiveness of all the needs and requirements. It is also quite interesting that the team always go for the updating of technology so that the customers get the most modern products.

There are many ideas and projects for the DIY persons coming to the team. So this is enough to make it evident that the team gives common people as importance as the big sharks coming to them. There are many innovative and colourful ideas for the home improvement including backyard or outdoor ideas. One of the major advantages of the team over the competitors is that they simply focus on the untouched areas like DIY with kids so that the parents find it so easier to handle the needs and requirements of children with the innovative ideas of the experienced team members.

The official website of the team clearly gives an idea to the prospective customers about the way how the team works and also about the different categories of services they provide. Among the numerous services, connected homes are one of the most attractive features of the team which is somewhat exclusive to them. A Smartphone or a smart hub is needed to control all the affairs of the house even sitting at some other places like office or a movie. This is to increase the connectivity, security, efficiency and convenience around the home. The different things which can be connected in such a manner includes connected accessories, connected door locks, connected door bells, connected burdens, connected lighting, connected padlocks, connected security cameras and systems and finally the connected switches and sockets. This is so helpful for the house occupiers to manage the way how the house should be.

The team go where the Trades Go is having one of the prominent positing among the teams for household hardware. They provide high tech services to the customers since they are highly updated about the technology and improvise in the market so that the easiness in controlling the affairs of the home has been increased.

Why Corporate Flu Vaccinations Are Becoming Common Place For Local Enterprises


2019 is going to be another big year for Corporate Care flu vaccinations as local enterprises try and keep the disease at bay.

With the cold climate only making conditions worse for the spread of the flu, managers and executives know that they face the risk of high levels of absenteeism come May, June and July.

But that status quo doesn’t have to remain so – action is at hand.


Tackling Flu Absenteeism Directly

Corporate Care flu vaccinations are proven to reduce absenteeism due to these illnesses from anywhere between 20-40% in certain environments. That is a return that makes for an enticing investment from the perspective of the business. Those individuals who remain on site will be diligently working on their core requirements without needing to apply for sick leave and deal with those logistics. This is especially valuable for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) who have no contingency plans in place when certain employees from key departments are absent due to the flu.


Using Modern Methods

Using specialised immunisation nurses who are bringing aboard the most modern Corporate Care flu vaccinations of 2019, clients can rest assure that they are being treated with vaccines that are necessary for the current climate. Strains of influenza are regularly shifting and that forces the medical community to respond in kind with annual immunisation programs. If employees are left to their own devices and forced to search for their own provider on their own time, they could settle for a provider who is using an outdated injection to carry out the procedure.


Showcasing a ‘Healthy’ Commercial Brand

Brands have to continue to showcase their assets and manage their community image amid current events. When customers, sponsors and affiliates consider doing business with an organisation, they will take onboard a number of factors that are conscious and subconscious. One of those will include their ability to look after their staff and engage in healthy endeavours like corporate flu vaccinations. By looking after their own people, an enterprise can promote themselves as a morally upstanding establishment.


Fast Turnaround Time

By the time executives debate the merits about corporate flu vaccinations and ponder their next move, they could have already scheduled a visitation from a nearby provider. These medical practices waste no time booking a placement for local businesses that want to carry out these initiatives closing into the flu season. As the injection takes a couple of weeks to come into full effect, Australian companies are advised to reserve their position early on in the year before an April or early May immunisation takes place. Each participant is observed in the following moments for any potential side effects until a report is issued. There are no further logistics or complications involved as business can return to normal in no time at all.


Happy and Productive Workforce

Workers who are not battling illness are by and large a happier group than their compatriots. Physical ailments have a knock-on effect for the mental health of individuals as the stress of work can manifest itself over time as the flu exacerbates the issue further. Implementing corporate flu vaccinations is the right strategy for management that wants to cultivate a happy and productive team dynamic, attributes that can’t be obtained if they are absent and ill.



Local enterprises are getting behind corporate flu vaccinations at a higher rate given the results they produce. By keeping this practice in-house through nearby medical outlets, companies are looking after their most important asset without seeing staff members fend for themselves with their GP and taking time off work. The threat of this disease spreading comes around each and every year, so engaging with these specialists can be the best way to taking proactive action.


What Value Can Will Dispute Lawyers Offer You?

My Last Will

There are two key examples where Will dispute lawyers enter the equation – before a death with their client and in the aftermath where there can be conflict around the details of the document.

These matters of inheritance can divide families and creates an unhealthy scenario where mothers, fathers and children enter a fraught legal battle over these assets.

Here is where an experienced independent solicitor from The Norton Law Group can enter the fray, offering their expertise to manage the issue and work towards an outcome where all parties can move forward.

Of course this will not always be the case depending on the attitude of others privy to the document, so let us outline how a representative can give value to their client.


Completing The Document

One of the major issues with inheritance is that the terms have been left uncompleted, leaving the heirs to push for control and use those lack of arrangements to their personal benefit. Will dispute lawyers can operate before any actual disputes emerge, sitting down with their client and ensuring that matters of guardianship, executors, legal custody, debt, funeral costs and other details have been completed.


Conforming To Laws and Regulations

The saying often goes that the devil is in the detail. When a document of this profile is being signed, there must be witnesses and it must pass stringent laws and regulations. If there is any room for argument, it can be contested and those parties who have claims for various assets might wish to take action. Others who have rightful claim can also see their rights waived because the document did not pass certain tests. Will dispute lawyers ensure that all of the benchmarks are cleared.


Mitigating Against Risks

Should there be any loopholes or provisions that were not adequately checked and certified ahead of time, that can increase the risk for any party willing to challenge or take on the terms of the document. Just as an asset can be passed onto the next of kin, so can the debt that is carried alongside it. Will dispute lawyers attempt to mitigate as much against the risk that their client could be exposed to, from legal challenges and threats to penalties, violations or other factors that could hamper them as a result of the process.


Removing Stress, Tension and Animosity

Having a professional who is operating with the facts in a dispassionate manner is one of the major advantages that Will dispute lawyers bring to the table for their clients. Whereas a spouse, son, daughter, grandchildren, friends or other parties will link the nature of their relationship to the terms of the document, the solicitor will be able to outline with clarity what the conditions are and who is entitled to what moving forward. Fights and conflict manifests itself when there is doubt and grey area about which next of kin is entitled to the assets, yet these practitioners have the experience to manage these circumstances by setting out the expectations with clarity.


Keeping You Out of Court

Close to 99% of cases that Will dispute lawyers handle are kept outside of a courtroom. When a conflict enters this scenario where a judge has to preside over the matter, the costs escalate and the stakes are exponentially increased. This grows the animosity further and illustrates that at least one of the parties is not able to come to the table and act in good faith. These solicitors are expertly skilled in negotiating and mediating, opening up a dialogue and outlining what facts support what measures and where some concessions can be made if the terms have not be properly established. That is an investment worth making, especially those who go to court over these matters as they reflect about their posturing.


How Those Who Are Struggling Financially Are Still Able To Find Support In The Form Of NDIS Speech Therapy Services

child with speech problem

As the cost of living seems to only be on the rise in this day and age, there are more and more people out there who seem to be struggling with their finances. While many people will work very hard to pay for their rent, for their utility bills, and for their food, there usually isn’t any room in the budget for fun or for when issues suddenly arise. This is why those who are suffering from a disability or who have children who are suffering from a disability can struggle so much when it comes to money, especially those who have been suffering for a prolonged period of time.

In some cases, there will only be one working parent and there are often many professional services that must be implemented just to slightly improve their quality of life. On top of all of this, there may be equipment that must be paid for and people still have to make sure that they are taking care of their own mental and physical health. So for those out there who may find themselves struggling financially, here is how you are able to still find much needed support in the form of NDIS speech therapy services from Youth Living Skills.


Those who have had issues with their hearing in the past are able to find support in the form of NDIS speech therapy services

It can be extremely frustrating for people out there who are dealing with some kind of problem or who have kids who are dealing with some kind of problem and simply don’t have the funds to do something about it. This can sometimes be the case when a parent has a child who has some kind of issue with their hearing and so will end up experiencing difficulties with developing how they talk as well.

Not only will they have to address what is going on with their hearing with things such as grommets (which can be expensive on their own), parents will also have to address their underdeveloped talking which means they will have to seek professional help. The good news is that people are able to find discounted or sometimes even free services when they look into NDIS speech therapy services.


Those who meet certain criteria are able to help themselves or their loved ones by implementing NDIS speech therapy services

It can be a huge relief for many people out there to know that there is hope when it comes to implementing important support for themselves or for a loved one. What people must understand, however, that they will need to meet certain criteria in order to obtain this support for free or at a severely discounted rate. Furthermore, it is likely that there will be a plan in place so that people don’t have to implement this support forever, more that they will be reaching a point that is more manageable.

People are able to be assessed when they attend a National Disability Insurance Scheme office, or they may be able to do this over the phone or online. But however people do end up going about checking their eligibility, it is always worthwhile doing so in order to make sure that they have done everything they can when it comes to helping themselves or a loved one who is suffering. At the end of the day, there are plenty of different forms of help out there so people should absolutely consider looking into NDIS speech therapy services.


What Citizens Have To Prove To Pass Driver Medicals

By their very nature, a drive medical can be a frustrating experience for an individual.

It can feel like trying to pass a provisional license all over again, only this time the physical or mental condition of the citizen comes into question.

That can be a stressful moment, but the ability to have a license and maneuver on public roads is a privilege and not a right that is afforded to everyone.

In that respect, it is worthwhile taking stock of what parameters and criteria exist to be afforded this license.


Eye Examination For Vision

eye exam

Driver medicals will make the vision of the license holder a key priority. There is usually a simple pass or fail on this count, although some private drivers can receive a conditional license if they happen to suffer from monocular vision or there is impairments under certain light conditions. Optometrists can submit assessments online to the Roads and Maritime department, but in order for these medical practitioners to ensure that they are fit for the road, they need to hit certain targets. Within NSW, horizontal vision must extend to 110 degrees with a 10-degree margin. This will speak to the peripheral vision for an individual as they have to be able to demonstrate a capacity to scan traffic in front of them, in the side mirrors, rearview mirror and across the side windows as well. These examinations will be scheduled annually for 75 years of age and over and every 5 years from 45 and onwards.


Physical Capacity To Drive

The physical capacity of individuals on the road is paramount when running through driver medicals with an experienced practitioner. If there are limitations to movement where limbs are sore or incapacitated, to a loss of hearing or a struggle to turn around and look beyond the side mirror, then those points will be taken into consideration before a judgment is handed down. Disabled or incapacitated license holders are given some special provisions if their vehicle is altered and passed for safety requirements, yet these measures can be expensive and extend the process even further.


Decision-Making Capabilities

Much like young and inexperienced citizens who have to pass their tests inside their vehicle or through a digital simulation, some driver medicals will be a gauge of decision-making capabilities. This will speak to the judgment of the individual to see when they decide to merge into traffic, how long they should give way, when and how they reverse park, how much distance to leave the car travelling in front of them, avoiding pedestrians and maneuvering around intricate laneways, highways and trams in inner city environments. A doctor inside a practice won’t be able to make this determination, but if there is doubt around these capacities then they will recommend further examination on these counts. Decision-making will ultimately be affected if there are mental or cognitive deficiencies that hamper their ability to focus on the road and pass driver medicals. This can include cases of dementia, fainting or neurological and psychiatric disorders that are diagnosed by a medical professional.


The Desire/Need To Drive

Passing driver medicals is important for those members of the community who want that degree of independence and not to be limited in case they need to travel somewhere on short notice. However, when having an open dialogue with a trusted medical professional, the topic will emerge where the desire to drive and the need to do so will be brought up. If there is a wide range of assessments and provisions made that are costly and extensive, perhaps there are too many barriers to pass through and a form of public transport or the use of a taxi or Uber would be more suitable. If they are confident in passing the necessary requirements and are willing to embrace the process, then that won’t be a consideration.


How Patrons Can Compare Pizza Restaurants in Marrickville

pizza in a box

City-based patrons won’t be short for options when they take a look for local pizza in Marrickville to grab a large pepperoni or a family sized Margherita.

Yet before a group decides on making a booking for a table and taking a bottle of red to compliment the meal, there are a few key points that define how these establishments perform for their community.

Pizza restaurants in Marrickville are just as competitive as any other niche and it is important to judge them on their merits.


Quality of the Sauce

It is worthwhile delving into the specifics about what makes the best pizza restaurants in Marrickville and on that front, the sauce is key. Tomatoes that are rich in nutrients and juicy create the ideal environment to craft a sauce that lathers the base of the pizza. It is a subjective exercise as there is a variety of interpretations and tastes about what defines the perfect sauce, yet a freshly sourced mixture of garlic, paste, Parmesan cheese, onion powder, honey and water will offer a solution that is balanced for sweetness to compliment the other ingredients.


Quality of the Crust

Irrespective if the customer is a fan of thick crust or thin crust, pizza restaurants in Surry Hills have to offer a foundation that is delicious, warm and created with the best quality dough possible. This can be sourced with the use of extra-virgin olive oil and bread flour but no matter how the establishment creates their own crisp crust, this is an element that defines how good the dish will be received.


Freshness of Ingredients

Pizza restaurants in Surry Hills are spoiled when it comes to obtaining freshly sourced ingredients and toppings for their cuisine. From mushrooms to olives, onions, peppers, cheese, pineapple, garlics, tomatoes and much more – the Sydney markets are located within walking distance of the suburb. All manner of grocery professionals and food networks offer their items across Sydney, so those outlets that embrace fresh produce and avoid cheap processed packaging from supermarkets are the establishments to value.


The Dining Experience

woman eating pizza

There are a number of intangible elements at play when patrons are in the process of judging pizza restaurants in Surry Hills. One of those will center around the dining experience, taking into account the seating arrangement to the table service, the music, the snacks, drinks and starters that are on offer, the proximity of the table to the oven to get that desirable smell and the overall aroma and vibe of the establishment. Whilst this is a cuisine that has its origins in Italy, this is a meal that is universal for its delicious qualities, flexible ingredient format and passion for creation. If guests are simply sent through a cold and stale order and pickup process like those on offer through fast food chains, then that special quality that defines a local pizza restaurant diminishes.


Online Ratings and Reviews

In 2019 there is one simple method to gauge the validity of pizza restaurants in Surry Hills and make a judgment based on their track record. A quick Google search will be a healthy starting guide where users can grab a rating out of 5-stars, see how much volume those ratings garner and the comments that have been left by previous patrons. There are also specific cuisine apps and sites that will give food critics of notoriety a chance to test the goods and publish their findings to the rest of the Marrickville community. When there are issues that arise with poor food or quality of service, that is a problem that will be disclosed online as patrons will want to inform friends and family members about their experience.



Attractive Features of Glass Balustrade Designs For Perth Homeowners


Railings have come a long way for residents who want to have protection for its inhabitants whilst ensuring that the quality is not compromised.

Some are stuck with what they have inherited from previous owners as others are left to settle for what is convenient depending on their budget.

However, there is an increase in the investment of balustrade creations for those based in Western Australia, seeking an alternative that gives an aesthetic and practical quality.

There are a variety of options within this industry alone, seeing residents invest in aluminum and stainless steel products that offer a degree of strength and authenticity to a local surrounding.

Here we will delve into the subject of glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners and outline why they are a popular option in the marketplace.


Modern Aesthetic

Trying to create a modern aesthetic for the interior and exterior of a home can be a genuine struggle for many residents who are living on a budget. There are a myriad of products and styles that can achieve this clean look, making it an attractive proposition for new buyers on the market, but it can be sourcing glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners where this target can be obtained. It amplifies other items, opens up space and avoids including colours and expressions that can be dated.


Creates Illusion of Additional Spacing

We should not underestimate the notion that glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners creates the illusion of additional space. From a tangible standpoint, it takes up little to no space that an aluminum or stainless steel counterpart would, but from an outsiders perspective it allows a living or dining room or balcony to expand its reach and reflect other items of furniture around it. Residents only have a certain amount of square metres to utilize at their disposal and creating the perception that there is more space is a helpful asset.


Simple to Clean and Condition

Traditional models have often been hampered by being weathered in outdoor conditions and broken or stained within indoor environments. Glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners can be approached the same way that windows can be, helped with an application of water and spray to condition the product back to its optimal level upon purchase. There is no need to buy a specialist wax or varnish to return it to its quality condition, just a means of making the glass glisten in the sunshine again.


Enhances Light Exposure

There are few other exotic and luxurious locations in the world where these items cannot increase in value thanks to the continual light exposure with glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners. Western Australia is a state renowned for its picturesque beach side properties and blue sky weather conditions, so it would make sense that locals leverage those qualities for their own home. Basic railings and traditional steels do offer a degree of security and functionality, but when it comes to maximizing and optimizing a location, having reflective light warm a residency really can amplify that household experience.


Strong, Safe and Durable Material

We have touched on the intrinsic benefits of stainless steel and aluminum designs seeing a degree of strength being one of the key selling points. Yet glass balustrade designs for Perth homeowners have innovated and upgraded to the point where they are one of the most durable, safe and strong investments that residents can opt for. The material is created where even rare breaks do not offer razor sharp shards that are harmful for children. Unlike woods and metals that can erode over time, these robust brands are proven to maintain their quality for decades beyond the installation. Some will see these choices as vanity projects, but they are just as foolproof as any on the market.


What Do You Need To Think About When Shopping For Flower Girl Dresses?

flower girls

No wedding is complete without an adolescent female frolicking down the aisle and throwing an assortment of beautifully colourful petals in celebration. They add a magical sense of youthful joy to the occasion and relax the mood.

But how do you go about dressing this very important person? There’s actually a lot to consider and a lot of thought put into selecting the perfect flower girl dresses.

So what kind of considerations do you need to make when selecting flower girl dresses? Obviously, you’ll want to pick something that look great but is also practical for the occasion and other relevant circumstances.

Let’s take a look at 3 things you need to keep in mind when shopping for flower girl dresses.


1.      The venue, bridesmaids and bride

The first consideration when browsing between flower girl dresses is to make sure that it gels aesthetically with the visual style of the wedding and the other gowns present. It’s a good idea to consider all of these small elements together so you can pick a colour and make that perfectly suits the occasion.

Many weddings choose to match the bridesmaids gown with that of the child to create a cute “mini-me” effect that’s absolutely adorable! This means colour coordinating the gowns or having a child version of the bridesmaid gown tailor made.

Otherwise, you might want to make sure the little star stands out and has a really memorable outfit. Try to avoid obnoxious colours like hot pink or bright orange as they likely won’t gel with the aesthetic.


2.      The climate and time of day

Another important consideration to keep in mind when selecting flower girl dresses is the environment in which it will be worn. It’s paramount that you get this right so that the child wearing it remains comfortable and safe throughout the day.

Obviously, if the wedding is taking place outdoors in the middle of summer than a heavy gown that reaches the floor won’t be very fun for the child to wear. Similarly, a wedding that takes place indoors during colder months is going to be a nightmare for a small child that’s in shorter gown.

Also, keep in mind what kind of plan the wedding is operating on and whether or not there will be other events before and after. This allows you to choose flower girls dresses that are more elaborate and cumbersome if you know that the child will only have to wear it for a brief period before changing into something else.


3.      The child’s preferences

flower girl

When shopping for flower girl dresses its important to remember that the child who has to wear it is a real person with thoughts and feelings. This means that they have their own preferences about how the outfit should look at how they are going to look in it.

Children won’t always make the most practical choice, however, so it’s a good idea to present them with 2 or 3 suitable options and let them have the final pick. This makes them feel like the decision was theirs and that they are wearing something they can feel comfortable in on the big day.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of important things to consider when shopping for the right flower girls dresses. Hopefully this guide will help you make the right choice.





An All-In-One Guide to Shiseido Hair Straightening

woman with straight hair

Shiseido hair straightening is an incredibly popular method of permanently flattening one’s tresses. It started out in Japan back in the 1990s when Yuko Yamashita figured out the process of thermal reconditioning. It essentially uses special flat irons and a chemical solution in order to transform wavy or curly tresses into flat locks.

But what do you need to know about the procedure before getting it done? This article tells you everything you need to know.


How it works

When getting Shiseido hair straightening done, your stylist will first apply a special chemical solution to your tresses. This solution will alter the bonds of your locks responsible for its shape, which helps it become permanently flat. They will then use a special flat iron to smooth the locks into shape and apply a neutralizer to finish it off. The whole process can be quite time consuming, taking anywhere from 3-8 hours depending on the length and condition of your locks.



If you’ve ever experienced a bad locks day (hello, frizz!) then you’ll know how amazing it is having sleek, smooth tresses. Shiseido hair straightening ensures that you don’t have to spend hours each morning taming your mane with product in order to get it to behave. Once you’ve had the procedure done your tresses should dry much faster and be far more manageable. You will look stylish with minimal effort (no more need for flat irons!) and won’t have to worry so much about frizz.


When not to get Shiseido hair straightening

Some types of tresses will benefit better than others using this technique. People with wavy or soft curls are encouraged to undergo the procedure. People with tight curls may not benefit as greatly as maintenance is more difficult – you will typically have to perform more touch ups as new strands emerge from the roots.

It is not recommended for pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. You should tell your stylist if your locks have recently been coloured or bleached as this could affect the final result.



The final cost of Shiseido hair straightening depends on the amount of time your stylist spends with you. As such, the longer and thicker the tresses, the more expensive it may be. It generally costs anywhere from $300-1000. Salons which are cheaper than $300 may be dubious in quality and could cause strand loss.



woman with beautiful, straight, long hair

Following the procedure, you should keep your tresses away from water for at least 2-3 days in order to help the chemicals settle into your locks so that the style can set. This is because the chemicals are still at work in your tresses for several days following the procedure.

You should also ensure that you use shampoo and conditioner that is designed for treated locks. Thermal heat protector products are also important for preventing damage as a result of blow drying. You can colour your tresses following Shiseido hair straightening treatment but you should wait at least 2 weeks and get it done by a professional. Protein treatments are useful for ensuring good results.

Not taking these precautions could result in unsightly damage to the locks, such as strand loss and breakage, “bent” tresses and a tight scalp. If you find you are experiencing these following your treatment but have done what you’re meant to, go back to your stylist for a refund.

You will generally require a Shiseido hair straightening touch-up every 6-9 months depending on how curly your locks are. This is because as your tresses grow out, they will return to their natural wave or curl.


The Four Best Bongs For Sale In The Current Market


The market for smoking, accessories and other recreational smoking tools is one that is constantly growing. As marijuana use is slowly becoming more socially accepted and legalized throughout the world, those wishing to get involved in safe, recreational smoking should be on the lookout for some of the best items available. It is important to note that marijuana use is still illegal in Australia and any bongs for sale can only be used for legal purposes and activities.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned smoker or new to the game, because there is plenty of time for you get involved and learn more about smoking. So, here are the best bongs for sale available currently and why you should get involved in the trend.




If you’re new to the market, you’re probably a little price conscious and that’s fair enough. If you’re not overly committed or a little unsure whether you’ll like the whole activity, you’re probably best sticking to a budget utensil as your first purchase. Of all the best bongs for sale, the “hangover” model is one of the best. From a reputable retailer, you can snag this one for under $30, minimizing the impact on your wallet. Approximately 30cm in height, this utensil is small but affordable and suitable for any newcomers. The decorative leaves are stained into the glass, adding a nice finishing touch.


BOOST Bouncer

This one is a little pricier but still insanely good value considering the scope of prices when it comes to the best bongs for sale. This model is made from heat-proof glass and gets its name from the fact that it resembles the shape of a ball bouncing. It comes with a nice detachable slide bowl, which makes clean-up and maintenance even easier. Just to add an extra level of class to your smoking, the device is fitted with nice notches that can hold ice cubes and cool down your smoke. This is the perfect option for someone with a bit more experience when it comes to bongs for sale and an affordable item too considering its functionality – around $64 from an Australian supplier.


Envy Glass UFO Perc Straight Tube

Now, if you’re seasoned in the field and looking for something a little more upmarket, the Envy Glass UFO model is a device that you should consider. Why? Well, this device is made from handblown glass, originating from Riverside California. It’s a bit larger than the smaller bongs for sale, coming in at 42cm in height. The model also features ice-notches, like the Boost Bouncer, without restricting airflow or the quality of the smoke. It also includes a featured mouthpiece and a gridded UFO perc with coloured beads – real top-notch quality! However, this model is one of the more expensive options available, coming in at roughly $375. Having said this, you do get what you pay for, so you’re guaranteed a great smoking experience.


Pyrology Dcycler

This behemoth is well and truly for the heavyweights of the field. Coming in at a mind-boggling $790, it’s one of the most aesthetically pleasing and well-constructed bongs for sale. With its precise design, efficient diffusion chamber and platinum recycle function, this model just screams quality. Manufactured in the United States, this gem is genuinely one of the best items available in the market.


Don’t forget the accessories

It’s always nice to know that there are plenty of accessories available for purchase, which can be used to spark up the activity. A quaint little ash catcher will generally cost you less than $30 and ensure clean-up time is quicker, easier and stress-free.

Just remember, no matter what product you decide to purchase, always be safe when smoking.